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Hotel in Krasnoyarsk

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Booking hotel in Krasnoyarsk

Online booking of apartments: To rent an apartment in Krasnoyarsk, simply select from the calendar of directories for the search. After filling out the form below to rent an accommodation.

Apartment Ernest Hemingway hotel krasnoyarsk, locate in historic center Krasnoyarsk city. Many people visit to Exhibition Complex InternationalExhibitionBusinessCenter “Siberia” / Our apart-hotel 3*(stars) Ernest Hemingway locate near.

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Booking hotel Krasnoyarsk

We have services:

  • 24/7 access
  • Reception
  • Security
  • in territorial Hotel locate Italian Restoration
  • in building have 24/7 food shop
  • infrastructure in the lobby
  • ATMs

hotel krasnoyarsk – Ernest Hemingway in apartments:

  • Kitchen

    electric stove
    Decanters for alcohol

    sofa bed
    Reading armchair
    Lamps and separate lighting
    Bar stools
    Wide table tops along the windows
    Coffee table
    Double bed
    Chairs and mirror in the hallway
    Clothes hangers
    Ironing board and iron
    Kitchen set, sink, plumbing fixtures and cabinets
    TV with 20 HD channels
    Game console Dendy + Sega + Sega mega drive games sewn in

    shower room
    Sinks and accessories
    Bathrobes and towels
    Rack with toiletries

    Flowers in the room
    LED branding
    Plaster figurines
    Paintings and decor elements

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